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UniHealth Insurance FAQs

what is vsp insurance

Who is UniHealth Insurance?

UniHealth Insurance is a sub-brand of Teachers Health Fund. It offers all the same products and services as THF, but has been rebranded to appeal to university employees. UniHealth launches on 1 April 2014.

What is required to participate in UniHealth Insurance?

THF offers no gap benefits to all optical members.

    Provider agrees to carry a minimum of 10 no gap frames for adults and 6 no gap frames for children. UV coating must be included, when requested, at no cost Provide the following discounts:
      20% off of the regular retail price for all frames* 20% off of the regular retail price for all lenses 15% off of all in-store contact lenses 20% off of all lens options
    Service fees for eye examinations must be billed in accordance with the specified charges in the Medicare scheduled fee table.
      Service fees for additional clinical services (such as Digital Retinal Photography, Optical Coherence Tomography and/or Automated Visual Field Analysis) may incur costs up to $150.00, for which the member will be solely responsible for paying.
    Provider agrees to display representation of the UniHealth brand, viewable from the outside and inside of the store.

*Exceptions will be allowed if brand licensing agreements prohibit and restrict discounts on frames.

How will I know

which UniHealth Insurance optical cover my patient has?

    Benefit information can be obtained through the HICAPS terminal.

Can any VSP provider be a UniHealth Insurance provider?

    Because Teachers Health Fund also operates optical health centres, VSP providers are excluded from this programme if located within specified post codes. If you are eligible to be a preferred provider for this fund, your practice name will appear in search results under UniHealth.
    1. Go to
    2. Click Find an Optometrist
    3. Choose UniHealth from the drop-down menu
    4. Key in your post code
    If your practice displays, you are a UniHealth preferred provider. If your practice does not display, we're sorry, but you are not able to be a UniHealth preferred provider at this time.

What do I need to do to become a UniHealth Insurance provider?

    If you are a VSP Provider and are not located in any of the excluded post codes, you simply need to read the UniHealth Insurance addendum to your VSP agreement and follow the guidelines for administering member benefits. If you are a VSP provider and are located in one of the excluded post codes, we're sorry, but you're not able to participate in this fund offering at this time due to the proximity of Teachers Health Fund optical centres.

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