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What is windstorm insurance

what is windstorm insurance

Homeowners insurance does not cover wind related damages. Before you buy check to see how you will insure the property and how much it will cost. Most insurance carriers have dropped windstorm insurance coverage after 2005. If you live in one of the 14 first-tier coastal counties in Texas your lender may not loan you money as they (nor you) are not protected from wind related insurance claims. These 14 coastal counties are designated as a high wind catastrophie area .

The windstorm construction program started in the mid-1980's in Texas through the Texas Dept. of Insurance. The windstorm certification process starts before the foundation is poured and onward through construction.

No WPI-8? This should have been found out before you bought and closed in the tranaction process. There should have been an inspection during a new build construction, remodel or repair and then certified by a windstorm engineer that the builder, roofer or remodeler followed the requirements before he can certify it. There is no magic wand if this did not happen. You will not

get a windstorm certification after the fact. Sometimes addresses get lost or entered as a typo so call TDI and ask. Call the builder and ask why he did not get a WPI-8.

Before you buy do your required due diligence and see if the property is insurable and at what price.

Questions to Ask Your Realtor BEFORE You Buy

Don't Be Caught Without Windstorm Insurance

Coverage !

Only TDI APPROVED AND LISTED BUILDING MATERIALS can be used for construction and repair (Roofing, siding, windows, doors and more). click here

Approval Process for Properties Without a Windstorm Certificate (Subject to Change). Download

As a result of Katrina and Rita, Harris County was also deemed a high wind area by insurers with some of them dropping windstorm insurance coverage from homeowner policies.

For more information about obtaining or maintaining windstorm insurance coverage when you build, remodel, add-on, repair or re-roof a structure, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) encourages you to contact your insurance agent or the Windstorm Inspection Division of TDI.

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