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What kind of license do I need to sell Home Insurance?

what licenses do i need to sell insurance


Go to your states dep. of Ins. and they will give you the basics.In my state you must complete a 40 hr. course.Then you must take and pass the test. You also have to apply for your license. They do a background check, credit check. Also after getting your license, you have to take 12-15 continuing education hrs. every year.Hope this helped!

Whoa there pardner. not necessarily correct!

The prelicense education that you will be required to complete depends on the state in which you live. While it's true that most states will require a minimum of 20 hours per line (property is one line,

casualty another), some states have different rules.

Secondly, continuing education is dependent upon the state. There are actually a few states that require NO continuing education, more states require 24 hours per licensing period, and there are a few that require more than 24 hours. Again- it depends on the state.

Finally, rarely will a state do a credit check on an insurance license candidate. Companies that HIRE you will normally run a credit check, but the state insurance divisions generally won't.

SOOOOO----- what state do you live in? With that info, I can provide you a road map on how to proceed!


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