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What type of health insurance do i need

what type of health insurance do i need

What Type of Health Insurance Policy Do I Need?

Choosing a suitable policy is important to avoid being either over-insured, and paying unnecessarily high premiums, or under-insured, and being liable for hefty out-of-pocket costs.

While we are all vulnerable to illness and injury requiring medical treatment, there are certain types of conditions which we are more likely or less likely to require treatment for. and thus insurance coverage for, depending on our age and current life status. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a health insurance policy that suits your lifestyle and healthcare needs.

Health insurance funds are flexible in allowing applicants to select which areas of treatment they would like to cover in their policy. For example, if you are

in a couple and intend to have children, it would make sense to include pregnancy-related services in your selection of treatments under hospital cover. On the other hand, if you are young, single and unattached, you are less likely to need cover for pregnancy-related services or hip-replacement surgery, but should you be of impaired vision and a keen sportsperson, you may wish to include both optical services and physiotherapy in your cover.

When using Help Me Choose, you can select your current status. such as single or in a couple, and choose precisely which particular hospital and extras treatments to include  in your cover, to help us to provide you with a selection of health insurance products for comparison that match your needs.

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