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When Does My Medicaid Coverage Begin and End?

when does medicare begin

Medicaid is a program that all people are able to attempt to qualify for. It was introduced as a social program to help individuals who could not afford or qualify for health insurance. One question that people who are eligible for the program often have is when does my Medicaid coverage begin and end. If you are going to be enrolled in a program, you’re going to want to have all the possible information about how it works.

Income Qualifications for Medicaid

Medicaid uses a variety of sources to check your income. You won’t only be able to include the wages that you earn at your position of employment but other sources of income and finances like social security, retirement, child support, and unemployment all count for monetary sources as well. Always be sure to report everything so you aren’t disqualified. Then you have no

need to know when does my Medicaid coverage begin and end.

Beginning Coverage Time Frames

The first step to getting Medicaid is to apply to the program. Once you have done this and gotten approved the previous three months before you actually applied. This means that if you have outstanding medical bills due to a condition you can go to apply for Medicaid and if you’re approved then they may pay for these costs even if the incident has already happened and you weren’t covered at the time.

Coverage Ending

Another important thing that you need to know when considering when does my Medicaid coverage begin and end is that you will likely need to re-apply so that your eligibility is still obtained and official. Your income and assets need to be checked periodically to ensure no major changes have been made.

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