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When is Medicare primary & when is it secondary?

Not everyone needs to enroll in Medicare right when they turn 65. Some individuals may still be working and have access to group health insurance through their employer.

In most cases, Medicare is secondary to your group health insurance if the company has 20 or more employees. If the group insurance is affordable, you may choose to delay your enrollment in Part B, but we strongly recommend speaking with a licensed insurance agent or a Social Security representative before making this decision so that you can be sure you understand your coverage. Late enrollment into Medicare Part B can cause you to pay a penalty if certain conditions are not met. Learn more about Medicare Part B costs here .

If your group health insurance has less than 20 employees, than generally Medicare

will be primary, and in most cases, you will need to be actively enrolled in Medicare Part A and B before your group plan will coordinate coverage.

Need help deciding whether to keep your group health coverage or switch to Medicare and an appropriate Medicare supplemental policy? Contact a Boomer Benefits licensed agent for assistance.

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I’m a Medicare Supplement Accredited Advisor and chief blogger here at Boomer Benefits. My agency has helped thousands of Medicare beneficiaries understand their benefits since 2004. I write articles here to help our readers navigate the Medicare enrollment process and live to tell about it. Connect with me on Google+ or Facebook for continuing tips about Medicare, or ask me your question below and I'll answer it right here on our website.

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