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When should i get my group certificate

when should i get my group certificate

I logged in to complete my certification but the system says it has no record of me taking an examination?

This occurs if you registered for the examination using a different email address to that registered for your Open Group Web ID. To resolve this, you need to link add your second address to your Web ID as follows.

You should edit your profile at and register the email address used for the examination. The direct page link is

The field you should edit to add the alternate address is: Additional Email Address:. Ensure you then "save" the update so it has taken effect (check that no errrors were output on the screen, if there are correct or complete any missing mandatory fields required for the update and select save). Then ensure you have logged out from the certification system at and then relogin - closing down the browser if necessary will force the next login to update credentials. If all goes well the alternate address should now be linked and your exam should show up.

If after adding your alternate address, the system still cannot associate your login with an exam result, please contact our support team by email to togaf-cert-admin(at)opengroup(dot)org.

I logged into my Open Group account at and cannot find my certification. What do I need to do?

At this time certification information is available from the TOGAF 9 web certification system at You can use the same ID and password as for

the main Open Group web site.

I completed my certification but cannot find my name on the register?

By default, TOGAF 9 certifications are confidential so are not shown on the public register. You will be able to change this by updating your confidential status from within the resource centre from your account at

How often does TOGAF 9 Certification need to be renewed?

There is no renewal required once you have obtained certification in the TOGAF 9 Certification program.

Where do I login to manage my register entry and download the certificate and logos?

Once you have completed certification you can login at to manage the visibility of your register entry and also obtain the certificate and logos.

I took the Part 1 exam and want to take the Part 2, do I need to wait?

If you are taking the exams on the same day then you can proceed. If you are taking them separately then we request that you wait to receive confirmation of certification at Level 1 before proceeding to take the Part 2 exam.

I took the Combined Part 1 and Part 2 exam and failed a part. Do I get any certifications?

I failed the Part 1 section of the Combined Part 1 and Part 2 exam, but now have taken the Part 1 and passed - yet when I access the web certification system I only am qualified for TOGAF 9 Foundation. What do I need to do?

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