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How does shipping insurance work

how does shipping insurance work

UPS Insurance: How does it work?

Hi all,

I shipped an amplifier to a buyer in California last week from Minnesota. It was packaged in the factory double box surrounded by foam and very well secured. It arrived yesterday so I shot the guy a quick email asking if it arrived in sufficient condition and if everything seemed to be working alright. He messaged me back informing me that it physically arrived intact (at 56LBs this is a good thing!) but there was humming from the left and right channels. The amp was in perfect working condition when I sent it away as I had listened to it 10 minutes prior to shipping. Anyway, he wants a refund and I guess I can't disagree with him. The problem with audio equipment, though, is that the humming could really be coming from anywhere within the system and it's completely possible that it is something in his system (he insists it isn't).

So my real question is, if I have him return

the amp to me and I refund him the money ($500) how does the UPS insurance process work? I already spent the money he sent me, but I can swing $500 as long as I know I'm going to get it back. I just don't want to be left with a broken amplifier that I can't sell or otherwise use (and I already bought a replacement so I really don't have any use for it). And if it is a problem within his system, I will be out almost $60 in shipping and then I'll have to deal with reselling it. It was insured for $500 and I have pictures of the packaging. The seller did not mention if there were any signs of drop damage, but that's what would have caused it.

Does [H] have any insight? Thanks.


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