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When will insurance cover a tummy tuck

when will insurance cover a tummy tuck

Responses about Hernias and Tummy Tucks


I had gastric bypass surgery in April 2003. I did really well; until I had my tummy tuck in January 2006, after which I has some major problems and started slipping. At the time they were unsure I had a hernia. They were fairly positive, but couldn’t confirm prior to surgery. During surgery, they did indeed find a hernia, and repaired it at the same time. The surgeon that took care of the hernia was on standby for the surgery, and came in to take care of the hernia without any problems.

My tummy tuck was done by a plastic surgeon. I was very happy with my results until approximately 4 weeks after surgery when I sneezed and developed a “very” large hematoma that I had to have evacuated. I ended up with a small pouch (which was filled with a fluid) that never went away. My surgery was almost all covered by insurance, as I was able to prove “medical necessity”.


Dear Barbara,

I had a tummy tuck done about 8 years ago, and it was done by a plastic surgeon. During the initial exam with the plastic surgeon, she discovered a sizeable hernia, and had one of her partners who was a general surgeon do the repair at the same time. I had very good outcomes for both surgeries, and I had almost 10 lbs. of excess skin removed. I was very happy with the results, and have been very happy since.

My insurance company paid 90% of the total bill, and I just stayed overnight in the hospital. My insurance company approved the surgery because of the hernia, the size of my “apron,” and because I was having medical issues with things like yeast infections. We tried to get the lower body done at the same time, but the insurance company denied that, and currently we are working with a couple of my doctors to get a lower body lift approved along with a breast reconstruction.

I would do the tummy tuck again, even though the recovery was a little uncomfortable. I had a couple of drain tubes for several weeks post-op.




I had my gastric bypass surgery almost 3 years ago, and had an umbilical hernia before the surgery was even scheduled. I developed the hernia after my pregnancies many years prior. My bariatric doctor tried to fix it without a screen when he did the laparoscopic bypass, but it didn't work. A year later after I had lost about 110 pounds my insurance company, Aetna, approved not only the hernia, but a tummy tuck as well due to persistent rashes I was getting from the extra skin. My plastic surgeon did both the hernia repair with a screen, and the tummy tuck, with marvelous results. The hernia was quite problematic, and stuck directly to my belly button, so she had to create a "fake" belly button for me. As all the swelling subsided the "new" belly button is slightly off center, but it was impossible to know how I would heal, and I do not fault my plastic surgeon for that.

She has offered to do another procedure to pull the belly button slightly more in the center, but because it is so minor, I truly don't care that it's a little off center. Therefore I have chosen not to do that (I've had enough surgery, thank you very much :-).

I would advise your reader to look into this, and a plastic

surgeon certainly can do a hernia repair, so she should pursue that with her insurance company.

I hope this helps,



I developed a hernia after having the full open bariatric surgery. The bariatric surgeon did the hernia procedure and did the skin removal. The results were wonderful, no problems were encountered and almost all was covered by insurance.

Kind regards,



I developed a hernia in 2006 below the sternum after my gastric bypass surgery in December 2004. I couldn’t cough without it popping out. It was like an alien, and it hurt so much. My bariatric surgeon, Dr. Thomas Magnuson, did the hernia repair and the bariatric plastic surgeon, Dr. Lisa Beck, did a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and a breast reduction. This was all covered by my insurance company (BC/BS). What a difference. My stomach hung down on my thighs and caused so many rashes, but now I have a relatively smooth stomach. I lost 13 lbs after surgery but they only removed 6 lbs of tissue. The tummy tuck did not even hurt, but I have had two C sections and one hysterectomy, so the nerves were cut a long time ago.

It was hard to stand up in the beginning because the muscles were so tight. They do a muscle repair along with removing the extra skin. My belly button is a little low, but it is not a problem. I only wish I would have asked for liposuction of the midriff, as well as a full-body lift to the back. I have a roll of fat on the love handles that the plastic surgeon said she could take care of, however now there is a cost. My friend had the same surgery, the same surgeon, and I told her to ask the surgeon to cut more of the love handles, and my friend is very happy.

The breast reduction did not go as well for me. I was an “F” cup and wanted to be a “C” cup. I developed a nasty infection, and it took two months to recover just from the infection. I have so many scars that can be fixed, but I had enough. I am not going to wear a revealing bikini anytime soon.

I wanted to wait for the hernia surgery, because it was incentive for me to lose more weight, but the hernia was too bad. It was very dangerous according to the surgeon.

I am back on track to losing weight again, and now think about my arms and the bat wings I have developed. I am thinking about it, but not really doing anything about it. I keep lifting those weights.

Barbara, you give us all incentive to do better and know there is hope for all of us.


Hi Barbara,

I had a hernia repair and tummy tuck with a lower body lift, at the same time. My bariatric surgery was laparoscopic. My bariatric surgeon, Dr. Gregg Jossart, did the hernia repair and then my plastic surgeon, Dr. Bermudez, stepped in to finish the tummy tuck with lower body lift. The hernia repair was successful. The lower body lift, perhaps not so much, as I was left with one side bigger than the other. My plastic surgeon was on crutches for the procedure with an assistant, so I'm not sure how much that played into it. I accept my body as it is now. The plastic surgeon took no responsibility for my ‘crookedness’.


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