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Where can i find a copy of my birth certificate

where can i find a copy of my birth certificate


Best Answer: New Jersey will not have it since she was not born there. This is what she needs to do. Contact the Department of Vital Statistics / Dept. of Health for Virginia. They are located in Richmond. They will send you the proper forms for her to fill out. Then she will need to mail the forms back, along with a xerox copy of her driver's license or state ID if she does not drive, and a check for $12. In a few weeks, they will mail her a new official birth certificate. The official copy has changed over the years, so it will not look like her original one did when she was younger.

The phone number is (804) 662-6200. I would provide an address and website for them, but I am having difficulty getting onto their website this morning.

In regards to someone else's response, you do not need a POA because she is still living

and can sign the paperwork herself. You can fill it out if she has difficulty seeing well, but she can certainly sign it, and since you have to send a photocopy of her ID back with it, that is proof to them that she is the one requesting it. Plus, the check will be in her name, from her account, which is also proof to them that she is the one requesting it. And, the fee is $12 for someone living requesting a copy of their own certificate. And it does not take months. If you were actually in Richmond, you could walk into their office and walk right out with the certificate. I have done that.

The website someone else gave of is useful, but personally I would prefer to deal with the Virginia Dept. of Vital Statistics myself and not go through this 3rd party website. So, call them at the above phone number. They are very helpful.

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