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where can i find death certificates

Where can information on property appraisals be obtained?

Information on property appraisals may be obtained from:

Cuyahoga County Administration Building

1219 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio

(216) 443-7100

1 Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44113

(216) 443-8764

Where can Naturalization Records be obtained?

Naturalization Records that were processed through Common Pleas from 1818 through 1930 or, processed through Probate Court from 1853 to 1901 may be obtained from:

2905 Franklin Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio

(216) 443-7250

Where can Divorce Records be obtained?

Divorce Records from 1837 through present may be obtained from:

1200 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44113

(216) 443-7950

How do I get a divorce? Where do I come to file a divorce?

Most people find that the best way to get a divorce is to hire an attorney

to do it for them. Technically, a divorce is started when a legal pleading called "complaint for divorce" is filed with the Clerk of Courts, along with instructions for service and payment of the filing fee. A divorce is not granted until the plaintiff (the person who files the complaint) has attended all of the hearings required by the court, and prepared all the necessary papers. At a minimum the person asking for the divorce will have to appear at a hearing and give testimony under oath or affirmation, bring a witness who will also testify, and prepare and bring all the necessary paperwork to complete the case. Please refer to the following topics in Domestic Relations' "General Information". divorce, dissolution, service, filing fee, parenting affidavit, parent education seminar and the journal department.

Birth Records prior to 1909 may be obtained from:

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