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Where can i find my tax identification number

where can i find my tax identification number

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Access the county's online portal directly by visiting the county's homepage. For example, if looking for a Los Angeles property tax ID number, visit the Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor website. LA County displays links to various consumer services, including one entitled "View Property Maps & Data" which takes you to its Property Assessment Information System, or PAIS. Another example, from Miami-Dade County's homepage, lists "Property Search" as a top link. The link directs you to the Miami-Dade Property Appraiser website.

Find the property profile by entering the house address in the search browser provided by the county. Some websites may not accept a street direction such as "N.," "North," "Ave.," or "Street." The website may also allow you to search using

a homeowner's name. You must provide a first and last name. A name can result in multiple property records if there is more than one owner with the same name in the county or if the homeowner owns multiple properties. The search may also pull profiles for properties recorded under a similar name.

Look for the house's tax ID number by reviewing the property profile. Property tax ID numbers may also be known by other names. For example, counties may refer to a house's identification number as an assessor parcel number, or "APN," in some jurisdictions. In other areas, such as Miami-Dade County, the tax ID is known as a "folio number." However, their purposes are the same -- identifying a house or parcel of land for tax assessment purposes.

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