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Where can i get my birth certificate

where can i get my birth certificate

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Care Bears' Alice epilogue Epilogue: The Nightmare Ends

The group then saw a familiar, now-normal, March Hare with Mad Hatter.

Swift Heart: March Hare! Mad Hatter!

Mad Hatter: You like hats? I'm mad about hats! Ha-ha-ha!

March Hare: (grins) Thank you all for restoring us back to our normal selves.

Alice: It was nothing.

Voice: It was something.

They turned as they saw some familiar, uncorrupted people they knew, especially someone Swift Heart cared about.

Swift Heart: Uncle White Rabbit!

The white rabbit hugged his neice as he grinned.

White Rabbit: With Wonderland completely restored, everything changed back to the way it was.

The new queen looked at them as she spoke.

Queen of Hearts: I'm glad that you restored everything back to their rightful place.

Lotsa-A-Heart: And that's the truth.

They laughed as Stan grinned.

Stan: You guys saved us all, and set us free from that mean wizard.

Alice: I just did what we thought was right, actually, Stan.

Care Bears' Alice chapter 22 Chapter 22: The True Tyrant

Alice: (quietly) There is nothing left to do. (angrily) I'm sorry, queen, but. I'm going to killed you!

Tender Heart: Alice!

Alice: Tender Heart, the queen has gone past talking now! If saving Wonderland means ending her life, then so be it.

Good Luck: (sighs) I hate to say it, but she's right. We don't have a choice once more.

Alice: (sadly) I'm sorry.

She wiped her tears as she stood up, holding the Eye Staff with Tender Heart holding the Blunderbuss.

Alice: That evil wizard have corrupted my dear friends and killed so many innocent for too long!

The group then looked at a familiar girl, though her bottom had been replaced with tentacles.

Cheer: Eeew!

Champ: Is that the new Queen of Hearts?

Lotsa-A-Heart: (sighs) I'm afraid so.

The group then walked up toward the evil, seeming frozen faced (her face seemed smiling) as she chuckled. The girl only spoke three words.

Alice: Who am I?

Queen of Hearts: (sounding evilly) Off with her head.

Care Bears' Alice

chapter 21 Chapter 21: The Heart Palace Invasion

The group headed off to the palace as quickly as they can. As they crossed the lava area, they gasped as they saw the ground breaking until it stopped a few feet from where everyone was at.

Swift Heart: There's no turning back now.

The group continued onward until they noticed a white pawn falling to the lava, disintegrating.

Tender Heart: Oh no!

Brave Heart: What's going on?

They looked up as they saw the whites fighting off the cards, killing them with everything they had with some being killed themselves.

Knight: Go now! Don't end up like the others did before us!

Alice: We should have helped, but.

Grumpy: There's nothing we can do now.

They headed to the palace through the road. Just then, a few cards dropped down, glaring at them as they prepared to kill them. The Care Bears used their stares to knock them out, making sure the cards had no accidents with falling into the lava.

Care Bears' Alice chapter 20 Chapter 20: Revenge of the Jabberwocky

The heroes then came to an area where they saw some water.

Grumpy: (groaning) Oh no. do we have to swim through this?

Cheshire Cat: Well, the Mock Turtle proved that being a reptile has advantages.

They groaned as everyone dove down into the water. The heroes swam through the area, dodging Snarks and killer fish, swimming and grabbing as much air as they can. Eventually, the heroes found the next portal, then exited out of the area. At the next area, the group looked around as the Cheshire Cat spoke, looking at the Cogwheels.

Cheshire Cat: Time to jump in time to jump through time. (groans) I'm dizzy.

Grumpy: (mumbling): Well at least one good thing happened to that cat I'm glad about.

They jumped to the left edge, then saw a Metal Object that was standable, jumping there, looking to their right and jumping to another Metal Object. They jumped to the next one and finally, to the metal ledge with the cogwheel as they rode it. They rode the cogwhe Care Bears' Alice chapter 20 by JusSonic

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