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where can i go if i have no health insurance

Our insurance based health care industry is a leviathon that is propelled by massive economic and political interests. It is incapable of putting the interests of individual patients first. For patients outside of the system the barriers to getting health care are overwhelming. For patients inside of the system there are barriers that are designed to restrain utilization. Now (with a few exceptions) we have less choice and less access. Patients and doctors are both unhappy.

Ten years ago Dr. Petersen created No Insurance Surgery, Inc. to serve the uninsured who could afford resonably priced medically necessary surgery but who could not afford over priced health care plans. The roll out of the ACA was very rocky but fortunately many of the rough spots have been smoothed

out. With the elimination of the pre-existing exclusion practices of insurance companies almost everyone can now buy insurance if they want. No Insurance Surgery continues to provide extra value for patients who cannot buy insurance or cannot afford their deductible or copay. Also Dr. Petersen has established himself as an expert in another area of medicine where there is a great need but few doctors to provide, that is, non-mesh hernia surgery and hernia mesh removal for pain.

Patients from around the world

We are proud to say that our patient come from all across the country and around the world. Below is a map by zip code of where our patients come from. Chances are someone from your home town is one of our patients.

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