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Where do i find my birth certificate

where do i find my birth certificate


I joined this site to find my fathers background and find my family. My father has vanished in 96. I never met his family and I do not have contacts with my mother. I have put in his name, known addresses of where he lived, his exact birth date and so forth. and nothing. I do not know his father, mothers or siblings names. He was in the Army, we lived in MA and Germany. every bit of information I put in I end no where. I have searched my counties in my state of his name, he comes up for dissolution of marriage and cases for him. He obviously was born, lived at certain addresses and had family, why isnt it showing up. Census are from when he lived with us before he disappeared. I want to know who lived with him when he was younger and birth certificates and so on. Please help! Anything else I can do??

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Recent data is much more difficult to obtain, privacy laws (vary

State to State) protect the living. Is this person still living? Have you searched the SSDI for a death record?

If he is deceased, that's where you start. Obtain a copy of the death record, this may or may not have the names of his parents. Obtaining a marriage may be possible, depending on what state they were married in, this may or may not have the names of the parents. His SS application should have some detailed data on his place of birth. Obtaining this data depends on whether he is deceased or still living.

Ancestry doesn't have every database collection in the world digitized and on-line. it should not be expected that you can just plug in any name and get returns of full data. Inspecting the database catalog is advisable before subscribing to any site. Ancestry offers free "How to" of the site, First and Next Steps. These should be viewed before embarking on your search, they give you a general idea of what you can expect to find, and genealogy basics.

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