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Copies of Wills, Replacement copy Decree absolutes, Birth certificates - Questions answered

where do i obtain a copy of my birth certificate

Copy Irish Birth certificates - Marriage/Death certificate Ireland?

We supply certificates for birth, marriage and deaths registered in Northern & Republic of Ireland. We have designed our website for ease of use, so all you have to do is click on the Irish flag and a new page will show the certificates we are able to supply for Ireland.

Are the replacement certificates you supply official documents?

Yes most certainly. All Birth, Marriage, Adoption and Death certificates supplied by CERTIFIED CERTIFICATES UK are government office issued and carry the official seal, stamp or signature of the register office. All Birth certificates are the full, long version unless requested otherwise and may be used for offical purposes. We offer an alternative online ordering service with additional benefits

I have lost my decree abolute divorce certificate and need a copy but cannot remember the date I was divorced. Can you help me?

Yes. We realise how easy it is to forget exact details, so, when applying for a Decree Absolute, (sometimes known as a divorce absolute or divorce certificate), we ask you to provide a 10 year period, (if dates are not known), for a search to be conducted eg/1980-1990. If you do know the court and date when the decree absolute was granted, this will speed up our process.

How can I obtain a copy of a Will?

Firstly we would establish whether a Will had been left by the deceased, by conducting a search of the Probate Indexes within England and Wales. If Probate was required the Will becomes a public document and may be ordered. Please see our webpages for more information on the Probate process.

Copy Scottish Birth certificate - Scotland Marriage/Divorce

We supply certificates for birth, marriage, deaths & divorce registered in Scotland. We have designed our website for ease of use, so all you have to do is click on the Scottish flag and a new page will show the certificates we are able to supply for Scotland.

I am adopted and want to apply for

my first passport, which certificate do I require, the short version or the full version adoption certificate?

When a person is adopted, the adoption certificate officially replaces the original birth certificate, for legal purposes. If you have a ‘short version’ of your adoption certificate this will not suffice for a passport application as it only shows minimal information. When applying for a passport an adopted person requires the ‘full version’ adoption certificate which shows full information including your adopted name, names of your adoptive parents etc.

We also offer the option of a ‘short’ certificate, which does not contain any reference to the adoption and only shows the adoptive name and surname, sex, date of birth and district or country of birth.

I do not feel happy with entering my credit/debit card details on the internet. Will you be able to supply me with a replacement certificate?

We fully understand the importance of security and for this reason only use the secure Paypal website for all online payments. We are also aware that not everyone is comfortable with entering these details online so offer a postal application service. All you have to do is complete the application, print off the page, (we also advise on keeping a copy), and send to us with your payment. We accept UCNROSSED Postal orders raised from a UK post office. Unfortunately due to high bank charges we no longer accept cheques

I am researching my family history and want a copy of a lost marriage certificate.

For births, marriages and deaths registered from 1837-1957 within England and Wales we are able to check record indexes even if the full dates/details are unknown, although we do require a year. Alternatively, we offer a Search facility where our experienced researchers will undertake the hard work for you and email their findings.

Are you a government agency?

No, we are not affiliated with the government and offer an independant alternative ordering process with added value benefits, eg/ Enclosing documents in protective outer, emails notifying of mailing date etc.

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