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Top 8 Reasons to Order a Texas Birth Certificate

where do i order a birth certificate

Every child born in the U.S  is issued a birth certificate, required by law. There are many reasons that this is required including government monitoring on the population, self-identification, and for family and U.S records. The document itself is also filled with great detail about the child’s birth, including birth location, date and time, and parental information.

From the moment you are born, this document will be necessary to obtain a Social Security number, register for elementary school, and apply for a marriage license. If you’re thinking of registering your child in a sport, or preparing to request a marriage license, birth certificates contain important information that can ensure the process is a smooth one, whatever you’re looking to do.

Here are some great reasons to order a birth certificate online today:

  1. Registering a child in a youth sports league
  2. Registering a child for school
  3. Obtaining a drivers license or identification card
  4. Obtaining a passport
  5. Registering for a marriage license
  6. New employers may request a birth certificate
  7. Researching family history or genealogy
  8. Obtaining a Social Security Number

These are the most common reasons to obtain a birth certificate, however in reality they are needed for verification of identify in many more situations. Securing a copy of your birth certificate can help lessen the hassle of common situations.

3 reasons to order your birth certificates online

  1. Receive your Official Texas Birth Certificate in 24 hours!
  2. UPS shipping option with online delivery tracking
  3. Live Texas-based customer support

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