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Where is my certificate

where is my certificate

From Secure Email Certificate Support page:

"After enrolling for your Secure Email Certificate you will be sent an email from Comodo Security Services containing a button. Follow the instructions within the email and click the button named "Collect & Install Certificate".

Your Certificate will then be automatically placed into the Certificate store on your computer.

Please select your email software from the below list for help configuring and using your Secure Email Certificate:

* Outlook Express 5 & 6 (PC)

* Outlook 98 & 2000

* Outlook 2003

* Mozilla Thunderbird"

I clicked the link in the email that says "Click & Install Comodo Email Certificate" (Not "Collect & Install Certificate" as indicated in the help page, since that didn't exist)

My browser goes to the website that indicates "Attempting to collect

and install your Free Certificate" followed by

a pop-up that says "Your personal certificate has been installed. You should keep a backup copy of this certificate."

From Configuring and using your Secure Email Certificate Outlook Express 5 & 6 (PC):

"Installing and Using your Secure Email Certificate with Outlook Express 5 & 6 (PC)

Assigning your Certificate to your email account:

1. Open Outlook Express

2. Select Tools from menu

3. Select Accounts from drop down menu

4. In dialog box that appears select Mail then select your relevant email account

5. Click Properties

6. Click the Security tab

7. Click Select Signing Cert. From the popup Certificate store box locate and select your Secure Email Certificate."

The popup Certificate store box is empty. Where is my certificate?

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