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Where is the birth certificate obama

where is the birth certificate obama


Best Answer: Obama was definitely not born in Hawaii and the REAL evidence is overwhelming. His mother tells

her friends she is going to Kenya to marry Obama's dad in Nov 1960. She is not seen in Hawaii again by any of her friends until 1963. She drops out of the University of Hawaii; she cannot marry him in Hawaii because he is already married and would be jailed as a bigamist. No record of any marriage certificate even exists in Hawaii or the rest of the US yet Obama in one of his 2 books, says he saw the marriage certificate. Of course he did, it was Kenyan. He was at best a C student at best at Columbia, yet got into Harvard. How? Then all grades are sealed. When I listen to him, my impression is that this is one slick ignoramus as president. As bad if not worse than Bush if that's possible. He was chosen to be 'president of the harvard law review', not as an editor that has to write stuff. He cannot write a decent speech folks. The first female harvard review editor stated that Obama stayed home and never contributed to the harvard review. She said in not so many words that Obama was a joke. He is about the most stupid president we have had since Reagan, though Bush I and II are a close 2nd and 3rd. Palin. Of course he knows he knows nothing and uses teleprompters everywhere. We have had nothing but terrible leaders since JFK was killed (mostl likely by Johnson)

However people by and large don't care where he was born as long as they get to keep their government job, social

security, or welfare check coming. This is sad but true. The majority of Americans are now so stupid and ignorant that they no longer deserve to have a democracy. Instead they now have an oligarchy running things. Just keep the welfare going, raise government wages. etc. and they are confidant that fat, lazy Americans will just go along and not questing things.

But now things are falling apart, just watch the gold price. Gold is doing exactly what it is supposed to do at times these, simply to invalidate the paper currency issued by the bankster oligarchs ruling over us. This country is comletely history folks thanks to the non functioning judicial system and press. Obama lawsuits over his long form should have been allowed to go forward (they were started before he won the election but every court has blocked them). I'm so fed up with this country that thankfully with the all the gold I now own, I plan to move to a more sane place. Like New Zealand or Canada. The US will devolve into chaos in about 2 years as the dollar is completely abandoned by our trading partners. We won't be able to buy oil with our paper dollars. I voted for him so yeah I hadn't done my homework and should have simply voted for Nader) will declare some sort of martial law.

Obama is a puppet. His administration was designed to implode only after after the banks got their bailouts. If he ever crossed them, he new that the banksters could slit out his real origin and the fact that he is technically and illegal citizen. Now that may not be enought


Steve · 6 years ago

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