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How does the Medicare Safety Net work?

how does the medicare safety net work

MsMummy said: 04-05-2012 16:03

How does the Medicare Safety Net work?

I just looked at the material on the web site, but want to make sure I've understood it correctly.

I have an $800 invoice from my midwife, which I've paid. I will only get about $50 back from Medicare on it, leaving me about $750 out of pocket.

This will put me over the Medicare Safety Net, as we received a lump sum of FTB Pt A last year.

But, once I am over the safety net, does that mean that Medicare automatically give me more money back on medical

expenses without me having to tell the doctor or do anything?

Eg. when I go to the doctor, it is $70. I get approximately $35 back from Medicare. But after we exceed the safety net, will they just automatically give me a higher amount?

Also, does it apply to psychology services where Medicare pays a rebate? I have a mental health care plan for my son, meaning I will get some Medicare money back when I take him to a psychologist. But wiill I get more after we exceed the safety net, or are psychology services excluded?

I know I should phone Medicare, but dealing with call centres is painful.

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