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how to buy gift certificates and coupons on ebay.

where to buy ebay gift certificates

1. know what gift certificates and coupons you want to buy. like if you want a restaurant or movies or a store coupon.

2. go to the buy it tab in ebay, then go to gift certificates.

3. once you are there in the left hand side you can do an advanced search. This is where you can type in the name of coupon you want. For example, wal mart or sams club. The results will be all gift certificates that has that name in the heading will come up in the advanced search of that area. IF your advance search was under any gift certificates with the names of walmart in the heading all of them wil show. It will tell you how many results with that name.

4. Then you can search with newly listed or you click on the dropped arrow and look at the ones ending soon or price. You can click on which one you want and the results will be in that order.

5. Now you have all your results you can look at each one individually.

6. When you search at the coupons first thing I do I

make sure the person is in the USA that is my preference.

7. Then the search will tell you what the shipping cost too. That is another area to look for too. Y ou dont want to be paying high shipping for a low price item.

8. Then I look at the number beside there name and check out the id name to see what the feedbacks are. Check to see if alot of negative marks.

9. Then if I see something I will place it in my items to watch that way I am not wasting alot of time searching for things.

10. Then lastly, I will go to my items to watch and look at them individually and decide which is the best and if something is interested and has five more days on the auction then at least I can watch it and place a bid on it for those five days.

I have gotten coupons for restaurants, movies, events, stores and saved a bundle of money. So, if this has helped in you searching for gift certificates please vote for me.

Thanks and happy searching and bidding on eBAY.

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