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You will love the luxurious scents that are caputured in each Pacifica candle. The scents quickly fill a room with soft, delighful aromas, without being overpowering. These candles make an excellent gift for family, friends, co-workers. just about anyone. These are the best scented candles we've ever had. Choose from:Brazilian Mango Grapefruit: This best-selling candle has a scent that is a cross between peach and apricot with pineapple undertones. It will fill a room with a summery mood and tropical atmosphere. Nerola Orange Blossom: Neroli is the sweet-smelling blossom from the bitter orange tree. The spicy, sweet and flowery scent is accented with musk undertones. Burn alongside the Tuscan Blood Orange candle for a beautiful aroma. Waikiki Pikake: Bask in Hawaiian dreams with the delicate, sweet scent of Hawaiian jasmine and the natural smell of sandalwood. A great choice for men. Tahetian Gardenia: Gardenias are the traditional and sacred flowers from Tahiti that have long-symbolized love, unity, grace and strengh. The scent is an intoxicating blend of jasmine and orange flowers. Tahetian Gardenia can be burned next to any other Pacifica candle to create a unique, beautiful smell.Tuscan Blood Orange: Reminiscent of the ruby-hued fruit, this scent is juicy with raspberry and strawberry notes. Burn alongside Nerola Orange Blossom for a bright, beautiful smell. Hawaiian Ruby Guava: A favorite among our staff and guests alike, the sweet, berry-like scent is highlighted by tropical guava, citrus and subtle coconut. It is simply paradise. Moroccan Chamomile Apple Blossom: One of our newer additions to our Pacifica line, this

candle has a warm, herbaceous fragrance highlightd by lavender and geranium. Try burning it alongside a fruit candle to make your own signature scent for your home or office.Ripe Bartlett Pear: Fresh cut pears with a hint of nutmeg and lime leaves. This is the best candle to burn at mealtimes, as it blends well with other food smells.Pacific Red Ginger: Notes of freshly cut ginger flower and grapefruit make an intense, gorgeous blend reminiscent of the Pacific Rim islandsThai Lemongrass: A grassy, lemon scent with spicy undertones. This scent was inspired by the beautifully aromatic and exotic herb of the same name.French Lilac: This feminine scent is highlighted by fresh lilac, magnolia leaves and subtle nectarine. Lilacs traditionally symbolize love, innocence and purityVietnamese Ylang Ylang Lavender: Ylang Ylang means flowers of flowers. This intoxicating blend of french lavender, vanilla and soft jasmine will relax and rejuvinate.Bali Lime Papaya: The spicy scent of papaya, Indonesian kaffir lime and lime blossoms will instantly energize you! A great choice for men.Mediterranean Fig: This scent is an earthy combination of sweet fig, moss, clove and sandalwoodMandarin Lime: A hugely popular choice, this candle combines aromatic Mandarin lime, lavender and basil notes.Mexican Cocoa: A perfectly guilt-less choice if you need a chocolate fix! The dark, rich scent of Mexican chocolate is blended with mild notes of bitter almond and cinnamon. Zanzibar Cinnamon Almond: Almond, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. A sweet, spicy and completely beautiful scent.Vanilla Vera Cruz: One of our most popular choices, this candle is purely and simply vanilla heaven. It instantly warms a room!

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