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Where Do You Buy Your Natural Products?

Posted by Siobhan on Tuesday, September 7, 2010 · 30 Comments

When we blab about our favorite products, a question we get a lot is “But where can I even find that?!”—which is a totally fair followup; some of the lines we like, especially the smaller artisanal ones, can be hard to locate in person. I, for example, still have not found a perfume I love for everyday, and a reason for that is this very problem: I want to be able to go in and try a couple on, then go back a few days later to make sure I still like it.

There are amazing online retailers stocked with all our favorite brands, but sometimes, when you’ve

run out of conditioner and your hair is a disaster, you need to just be able to walk into a place that sells something other than Pantene. And if it’s makeup you’re after, it’s nice to be able to sample a few blushes on the spot to pick the one you like best.

And so, we want to hear from you guys: Tell us where you get your natural products. Be as specific as you can (name, city or town, address or intersection if you want to get fancy with it) and write it in the comments. Tell us why you like it, or what it carries that you love, and if it’s an online shop, that counts too of course! We’ll compile a list and share it.

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