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Where to get a birth certificate

where to get a birth certificate

A birth record contains information about the birth of an individual. On a birth record, you can usually find the mother's full maiden name and the father's full name, the name of the baby, the date of the birth, and county where the birth took place. Many birth records include other information, such as the birthplaces of the baby's parents, the addresses of the parents, the number of children that the parents have, and the race of the parents, and the parents' occupations.

If you were born abroad, with US citizenship at birth. you can use our express ordering service to get your birth certificate.

To obtain a copy of any of a birth certificate in the United States, write or go to the vital statistics office in the state or area where the event occurred. To ensure that you receive an accurate record for your request and that your request is filled with all due speed, please follow these steps:

  • Make your letters concise and to the point.
  • Do NOT include more than one or two requests at once, and be careful not to write confusing details of your family lines.
  • Type or print all names and addresses in your letter.
  • Provide complete information on an individual and event for which you need documents. Include

    all names that may have been used, including nicknames, alternate spellings, etc. List dates and type of event as completely and accurately as possible. If you don't know the exact date, specify the span of years you wish searched and be prepared to pay for searches that span several years.

  • Always provide an S.A.S.E. (S elf A ddressed S tamped E nvelope).
  • County offices have limited personnel and are often swamped with paper work. Genealogical queries are done as a service which is outside of their realm of responsibility. They ask therefore that you exercise patience and courtesy in your transactions with their offices.
  • Be sure and include following information:
  • date of request
  • full name of person (last name in caps)
  • sex of that person
  • date of birth
  • place of birth (city or town, county, state, and name of the hospital, if known)
  • mother's maiden name
  • father's name
  • relationship to party
  • the purpose for which the record is needed
  • requestor's name & address
  • requestor's driver's license number & state (some counties require it)
  • requestor's signature
For information on how to order a birth certificate, click on the State or Territory in which the birth occurred: