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No medical insurance, but I need prescriptions refilled

where to go if no medical insurance

I have no medical insurance and cannot afford to see my physician to get my prescriptions refilled. Any idea(s) on how I could possibly get then refilled for nothing ?

I haven't had medical insurance for quite a while now, and we are quite broke, so I cannot afford to go and see my physician, who wants to charge me $75 for a cursory exam, and a refilling of my existing prescriptions.

Any ideas how I could get my prescriptions refilled for nothing ?

Oddly, I am Canadian, and still have my OHIP card, so I could probably get the 'scrips refilled there, but, like I mentioned, we are quite broke.

Thanks in advance.

If you're in the US and your meds are fairly common you may be able to get them refilled at Walmart for $4, or at Walgreens cheap, I think.

I think therealshell means that they need new prescriptions.

Have you actually tried calling the doc's office and telling them that right now you can't afford an office visit fee but you still need a called-in refill? Because giving a legit reason why you can't come in for an exam might inspire them to problem-solve with you.

Many pharmaceutical companies offer financial assistance in return for very little effort. Check their website or call them to see if they have a program. Because of this kind of program, I pay $10/mo for a prescription that would cost $100 with my insurance and over $1,000 without any insurance.

Depends on the prescription. If it's antidepressants or blood pressure medicine you won't have as much trouble as you would with narcotics.

Call your doctor and explain your situation and they may call in a refill.

Or possibly, your doctor has some samples he'd give away (to you). US physicians are constantly receiving free samples from the pharmaceutical companies.

Have you explained the situation to your prescribing physician (who, I assume is in the US)? They may be willing to discount your visit or bill it over several months so that the cost isn't a big hit to your budget.

posted by quince at 5:02 PM on August 26, 2013

Are you in the USA? If so ask your pharmacist if they can call the doctor's office and get a refill ordered. Laws vary by state but if it hasn't been too long since you last saw the doctor you may be able to get it refilled.

(I'm assuming you're in the States. I

worked at a pharmacy, once.)

Has your pharmacy (whichever one you last got the prescription filled at) requested a refill from your doctor? If not, ask them to do so, if they still have your prescription on record. If the doctor authorizes it, you're good. Your doctor might deny the request, though, if they want an appointment from you first.

If you do get authorized, you can then transfer it to a pharmacy of your choice (call the new pharmacy and they'll call the old pharmacy). If your medication is generic there's a good chance it's available for just a couple dollars, as pointed out upthread. Wal-Mart's is the most prominent but other pharmacy chains have followed suit and started competing on price on the more common generics. Price-shop around and ask about discount programs.

You don't mention which state, but Medicaid might be an option for you too (although not an immediate one, of course).

posted by neckro23 at 5:12 PM on August 26, 2013

I needed a prescription updated so I could get a refill a few years back. My prescribing doctor was in NY. I was in Chicago. Complication.

I spent a LOT of time on the phone with the doctor in NY, and eventually got them to release a new prescription to the pharmacy, on the condition that I had to do it monthly, get regular blood tests and send them the results, and that I'd get myself in for an appointment as soon as I was able.

Talk to the prescribing doc and explain the problem. You may be able to work something out.

Nthing the recommendation to ask your pharmacist to call your doctor for a refill. The pharmacy wants to make money off the sale, so they have an incentive to get it done. Plus, they are skilled at navigating whatever bureaucracy they may encounter at a doctor's office and, I suspect, are less likely to get rebuffed by whoever answers the phone there.

I think what you need here is a community health center. This one is near the location in your profile.

if you ask your doctor and explain you cannot afford the office visit right now but can next month or two months from now, they MIGHT be willing to do a one-off Rx with no refills or just one refill. ask if they can do that, go ahead and schedule the appt for 4-6 weeks from now and try to come up with the money for the visit.

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