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How does trip insurance work

how does trip insurance work

Heard back from the bike hire place, info for anybody else if interested, this is from Evolution other places may have different policies:-

1) With regards to insurance, the client takes full responsibility for the bicycle when renting it. In case of irreparable damage or theft, the client will be liable to pay 100% of the bike's value. This is standard for all bike shops, it is not possible to take out insurance which covers theft once the bike is in the care of the client, only theft from the shop itself. We have public liability insurance, so if you were, for example, to hit a pedestrian whilst cycling, they would be covered by our insurance.

2) Lots of bars, cafes and restaurants have places to lock bikes outside, we provide quality locks with the bikes but we do recommend it is best to be able to see the bike, the same as at home. if the bike was parked down a quiet side street for example for a long period, there is the risk of the lock being cut. Having said all

of this, we have been here for 6 years, and bearing in mind we are renting bikes all the time, we have only encountered 2 thefts during that time. Both in Arrecife. the capital.

3) We ask clients to bring their passport down to the shop, and we take a photocopy of this as part of the deposit. There is also a cash deposit to leave, in case of any damages. Depending on the type of bike hired, this is either €20 or €50 and is fully refundable at the end of the hire. We supply spares, for example, pumps and inner tubes etc. If you had a puncture for example, and needed to us the tube, this is not taken from the deposit, it is included in the hire price.

4) You are able to reserve a bike in advance, provided it is within the dates the shop is open. I'd just need you to let me know what type of bike you require and for which dates, also your height so I can ensure the correct frame size for you.

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