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Where to take ccna certification

where to take ccna certification

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Self-study for the exam. Before taking the exam, detail a study schedule that focuses on every major section of the CCNA. Take a practice test and discover your strengths and weaknesses. If, for example, you are weak in LAN configuration, study harder for that section than other sections.

Visit or to register for the CCNA exam. Two companies offer this test: Prometric ( and VUE ( Visit these websites to sign up for the exam. Register at least two days before you plan on taking the exam.

Call 800-204-EXAM to register for the Prometric CCNA over the phone; call 952-995-8800 to register for the VUE exam. As an alternative to registering over the Internet you can call the

either of the two companies to register.

Provide credit card information or send a check or money order and select a testing date and time. Once you register with either of the two companies, you must pay for the test (which, as of 2009, cost $125) and choose a testing time and location. These options will be displayed on the website or relayed to you over the phone, depending on how you registered.

Arrive at the testing location at the required time to take the test. Bring identification. Once you have studied and registered for the test, show up to the testing location on time and take the test. Answer the questions displayed on the computer screen and hope to score at least 85 percent to pass.

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