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Where to take handgun safety certificate test

where to take handgun safety certificate test


Best Answer: Go to FieldTime Sports on Beach Blvd. It is on Beach Blvd. just North of the 405 Freeway. Go past Conroys Flowers (on the right), go past the Chevron station (on the right). Just after the Chevron look on the right --- it has a big parking lot. Bob Wickes just opened it -- great guy and fantastic gun store.

Address is 14542 Beach Blvd. Westminster, CA (714) 891- 3131.

I took my test at a Turner's Outdoorsman, and it looks like the closest one to you is in Fountain Valley. Most gun stores will allow you to take the test. Not sure about sporting goods stores (like Big 5) which don't generally sell handguns. I've linked it's location below.

The exam costs a small fee ($20-$25), and takes a little time. I've linked a

study guide for you below.

The exam itself is REALLY easy. I passed it by choosing the "most serious" answer for each choice. So if the question was: "If you do x how many years can you be sentenced" and the answers are A) 1 year, B) 2 years, C) 5 years, D) 10 years, the correct answer is usually D).

The reason why the exam is so easy to pass is that they don't really care if you know the right answer. The purpose of the exam is for when you really mess up, the prosecutor can pull it out and claim that you knew the right thing to do and knowingly violated it. It's sort of like the California Guard Card test in that way.

But study for it, and goodl uck!

Source(s): Turner's Outdoorsman

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