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Which microsoft certification is best

which microsoft certification is best


I need some advice or guideline on how to achieve some microsoft certifications as a beginner in the IT field.

I've read and learned from other similar questions found in the forum but I'm still unclear on where to start. For the past 2 years, I have been working with computers such as windows installation and configuration, upgrades (ram, hard drive etc), troubleshooting network problems, virus removal, intermediate understanding of microsoft office programs, even to the extent of building a few desktop computers on my own. Ever since I started messing with computers 2 yrs ago; I have gotten attached to it and would like to be certified respectively.

For some weeks now, I have been looking at a few microsoft certifications to pursue. So far, I'm considering

starting off with MCDST, and other related certifications that may be of importance.

My question now is this. Is MCDST a good start for me? Since I have more experience working with desktop computers. I am studying criminal justice in college for now, and paying for tuition out of my pocket has not been easy. Therefore, I'll like to obtain a certification that would land me a descent job along the way. When I'm not in school; I fix peoples computers both on hand and over the phone. This also helps in taking care of some bills.

I definitely can't afford an instructor led training, I've compared the prices from one location to the other and it's just way over my budget. Any advice or input is greatly appreciated.

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