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who can be a guarantor for an ontario birth certificate

said by lugnut.

The guarantor simply has to state his own professional qualifications and certifications as well as the fact that he knows the person well enough to unequivocally attest to his identity as well as a few words on what he bases that knowledge.

It also helps if he uses his professional stationery and uses any professional stamp or seal which may be applicable to his profession.

I have done many of these over the years. The letters are much more than that. There are positions, conditions and qualifications attached. There are only certain people who can issue these letters of guaranty. The positions and qualifications

are listed here: » ··· uarantor

Note that they must be Canadian citizens and have known the applicant for two years and know them currently. Your partner will, it would appear, have to have a Canadian citizen as guarantor write the letter, which your partner would then submit to the Office of the Registrar General along with their application.

The information the applicant must provide on their application about their guarantor is this:

Guarantor Information

Guarantor Information is only required for subjects that are age 9 or older.

Last Name

First Name

Organization/Firm (if applicable)

Work Address and Daytime Phone Number

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