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Can a Florida notary certify copies?


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Yes. However, the law refers to these copies as "attested copies" rather than "certified copies", although in reality they are the same thing. A notary in Florida can only attest to the trueness of a photocopy of an ORIGINAL document. In addition, notaries can not make photocopies of a publicly recorded document nor a vital record (i.e. a notary can NOT certify copies of birth, death, marriage or divorce certificates). Also, they must use the certificate form provided by law (F.S. 117.05(12)).

Section 117.05(12), Florida Statutes, states:

(a) A notary public may supervise the making of a photocopy of an original document and attest to the trueness of the copy, provided the document is neither a vital record in this state, another state, a territory of the United

States, or another country, nor a public record, if a copy can be made by the custodian of the public record.

(b) A notary public must use a certificate in substantially the following form in notarizing an attested copy:


COUNTY OF __________

On this _____ day of __________, (year). I attest that the preceding or attached document is a true, exact, complete, and unaltered photocopy made by me of (description of document) presented to me by the document's custodian, ____________________, and, to the best of my knowledge, that the photocopied document is neither a vital record nor a public record, certified copies of which are available from an official source other than a notary public.

(Official Notary Signature and Notary Seal)

(Name of Notary Typed, Printed or Stamped)

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