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Who can obtain a death certificate

who can obtain a death certificate

Death Registration and Certificate

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Registering a Death in PEI

When a person passes (at home or at hospital) a medical certificate of death must be completed by a medical practitioner or coroner. The medical certificate of death (also known as the 'cause of death') forms part of the death registration. It outlines:

  • date of death,
  • cause of death,
  • if an autopsy was held, and
  • kind of death (ie, accident), if applicable.
  • Only after the medical certificate of death has been completed can a burial permit be issued for release and disposal of the body.

    What is a burial permit and why is it needed?

    A burial permit is a legal document that is required to cremate, bury or dispose of the body of a deceased person. Permits are issued by District Registrars. In PEI, District Registrars are funeral directors.

    With assistance from a member of the deceased's family, the funeral director completes the registration of death form and sends this permanent, legal record of death to Vital Statistics. This document is referred to as the death registration.

    For more information on burial permits, contact a funeral home or funeral co-operative or registered burial business.

    What is a Certificate or Certified True Copy of a Registration of Death?

    A death certificate is the official document that contains information taken from the death registration and is printed on secure certificate stock. The certificate can be obtained after the death registration form has been received, processed and registered by Vital Statistics. The death certificate can include cause of death information.

    A death certificate is most often required to:

    • legally remarry,
  • arrange for removal of the deceased person's remains,
  • file for death benefits,
  • receive benefits from pensions or insurances, and
  • access the financial accounts of the deceased person.
  • A certified true copy of death registration is a copy of the registration record (excluding the medical certificate of death), printed on secure stock.

    How do I obtain a death certificate or certified copy of the death registration?

    To obtain a death certificate or certified copy of the death registration,

    you must fill out an application form and provide it, with the relevant fee, to Vital Statistics. Applications for death certificates and certified copies can also be picked up, completed and paid for at Access PEI sites across the province (except Charlottetown and Montague). Applications are not be accepted by fax or email.

    Who is eligible to obtain a death certificate (without cause of death)?

    Any person, upon providing the correct death information of the deceased, may receive a death certificate (without cause of death).

    Who is eligible to obtain a death certificate (with cause of death) or certified true copy of the death registration ?

    • The parents, brother, sister or spouse of the deceased or the adult child of the deceased (proof of relationship will be required at time of application);
  • A person on the order of a court; or
  • Other officials as authorized in the Vital Statistics Act .
  • What information do I need to provide on the application form?

    • Surname and all given names of deceased
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Usual residence prior to death
  • Marital Status
  • Age
  • Date of Death
  • Place of Death
  • The document will only be issued to entitled individuals if the information provided matches exactly. the information contained on the legal death registration record.

    What is the "Proof of Death" from a funeral director?

    A funeral director (from a funeral home) may provide you with "Proof of Death". This is not a legal document and is not the same as the death certificate or registration of death provided by Vital Statistics but it is accepted as proof of death by many organizations and businesses.

    Vital Statistics recommends checking with your service provider (pensions, insurance, etc.) to determine what information or proof they require to process a claim or application related to the deceased. Once a certificate is ordered from Vital Statistics it cannot be returned and substituted for another; make sure you order the correct document so you are not disappointed or are required to pay additional costs for another document.

    The following is the current fee schedule to obtain death certificates.

    NOTE: This schedule is subject to change.

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