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Do you know who doesn't have health insurance besides Americans?

who doesn t have health insurance


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Its kind of draconian to say that we should toss delivering mothers and dying elderly people in the streets because they are illegals. No matter how you feel about the illegal problem, wanting that kind of thing shows more about your priorities than their legality.

It makes more sense to stop them before they enter the country, and increase penalties for those already in than it does to refuse humanitarian aid.

The key here too is emergency care, if they are carrying some highly contagious disease, its a public health issue and they would need to be isolated lest it spread uncontrollably even into gated communities.

Perhaps when our National Guard is out of Iraq we can have them patrol the borders so we can be safe not only from illegals who are increasingly members of the drug cartels from Mexico, which is

rapidly losing control of its country.

We have truly crappy health insurance, but its all we can afford for now. Yes we are both native born Americans, but when we retired our heath care went with the job.

Now let me tell you something, if you are poor you get medicaid, if you are over sixty five you get medicare, if, as so many are, between retirement and sixty five all you get is the bill, if you own a home, they can take it to pay for your medical care, so you can be an American citizen, and be made homeless and bankrupt in you 'golden years' because there is no help for you. Everything you worked for, everything you earned is gone with one heart attack, all because we don't have a unified plan for our own citizens.

Thats ridiculous.

justagrandma · 7 years ago

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