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who has life insurance on me


Expert: George J. Zacherl - 9/15/2008


It has come to my attention that the father of my 4 year old daughter has taken out a Life Insurance policy on me. I did not approve this and would like to know what my rights are. We are both residents of New York City. We were never married but we did live together for a couple of year.


Hi Melissa,

For any insurance policy to be issued there has to be what we call "Insurable Interest". Insurable Interest means that you would be financially damaged or impacted in some way if someone died. That is why husband and wives are able to take out policies on each other but two friends

are not.

I am not an expert on New York Law. But I am wondering since the two of you lived together then they considered you Common Law married. In that case, he could take out a life insurance policy on you. The other thing that I would ask about is who gets the money if you would pass away. If the father named the children as beneficiaries then the insurance company may have accepted that as insurable interest.

From the information provided it sounds like you know who the insurance company is that issued the policy. I would call them and question why the policy was written. If those answers are not to your satisfaction then I would ask them to recend the policy.

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