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Godammit, I’m Mad!

who is flo the progressive insurance girl

The Progressive Insurance Girl: Why?

If you don’t live in the US, you may not know about this girl. She is featured in a series of TV ads from which there is no escape.

At   first glance, or if you’re deaf, you might be pleased with her retro make up. However, soon enough, the horror of her over-the-top goofiness will obliterate this asthetic appreciation. She exudes a sickening self-satisfied energy that makes me want to kill her.

Here’s the problem. Apparently, you’re supposed to love her!

I found this out when I googled the question, “Is Matt Taibbi gay?” I thought he might be, but I wasn’t sure. I admire everything about him, as do gay men. I soon learned. The gays are disappointed that Matt is straight. But on a conservative blog, someone insisted that his dislike of the Progressive Insurance Girl proves that Taibbi is gay!

Am I gay, too? Matt Taibbi is on record as wanting to strangle this girl. YES, Matt, YES! Why would anyone object to such a healthy and normal reaction?

This world is dangerously out of whack, that’s all I know. If you google her, you’ll see an essay titled “The Strange Allure of the Progressive Insurance Girl.” Evidently, the whole nation has fallen for her “endearing” charm.   God. Make it stop.

It’s you and me, Matt. Give me a call.

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91 Responses to “The Progressive Insurance Girl: Why?”

I’ve run out of broadband for the month so I am unable to see this creature for myself – but I trust you completely that she is a foul fiend come from the pit to torment you.

I don’t know who Matt Taibbi is either, shall google promptly.

I’m so glad that I don’t have a TV, but I have seen those obnoxious adds. I don’t know what the allure is, and I have never gotten the masses, thank god.

On another note, will you write another story for us ?

Jillian Says:

And here I thought I was the only one who hated the Progressive girl. A coworker once said to me, “Wouldn’t the office be more fun if the Progressive girl worked here?”

Just thought I’d stop lurking and say hello.

Where’s a vagina I can lick?

insomnia Says:

Pretty comfortable being a (non-conservative) straight male AND after about 4 months of these ads I did cancel my policy (on 4 motorcycles) with Progressive. I paid so much money for the insurance that I hoped my cancellation would gut their national ad budget and they’d be forced to stop running the ads. Apparently I overestimated my personal importance in this matter. What IS funny is that I thought I was the only person who found her intolerable!

Ann Says:

Thank you, Sister Wolf, for giving us a voice. As with your other readers, I thought I was the only one who hated this woman! My beloved niece (who usually has more sense) ADORES the Progressive chick! I thought she had lost her mind, until I

found out that in fact I was the minority in this situation!

And I adore Matt Taibbi myself. He comes across a little arrogant at times in his stories, but when you’re that good of a writer, it’s most certainly permissible. So we have it on good source that he is straight? I was unsure as well.

Oh thank god that I am not the only one who hates the Progressive Insurance Girl. I was beginning to wonder if the entire population had been taken over by aliens.

Jean Says:

Oh christ yes. I mute the TV during commercials these days, lest I’m forced to listen to her soul-killing “quirky” voice. The worst thing is, I get the impression that I’m SUPPOSED to like her – she’s weird, I’m weird, she’s a retro-looking brunette, I’m a retro-looking brunette, she’s not skinny, I’m sure as hell not skinny…..and yet she fills me with the deepest flaming annoyance I have felt in a long time. In fact, I feel the same way about her now that I did about Rachael Ray circa 2004, when everyone seemed to be saying, “Oh, she’s obnoxious, but isn’t she lovable?,” and I was like, “KILL IT WITH FIRE.”

Actually, what’s more annoying than the Progressive Chick is the people in those ads who are too meek to buy insurance without her jumping up and down and shouting, “YAY!!” at them. I think she eats them alive after the commercial ends.

Winter Bird Says:

I will hold her while you and Matt Taibbi strangle her. I too cancelled my car insurance with Progressive as I refuse to patronize businesses who insult me. I am currently fully insured though Met Life and am content with Snoopy and Woodstock!

Once again, Sister Wolf has come to the aid of those who suffer alone in their living rooms. WTF indeed—The PI girl is a horrid character. Even the Mac ad people are smart enough to not make the PC guy too annoying.

Ann Says:

JEAN – THANK YOU for the Rachael Ray comparison! I feel the same way!

dust Says:

My dear Sister, I was away and missed your birthday, sorry.


I wish I could give you this obnoxious PI girl to beat her ass, but I guess we’ll just have to use our imagination.

Happy, happy happiness…

alittlelux Says:

you know, she annoys me, but i am more confused as to why they CHOSE HER. why did they think that after the hundreds of people they had audition for that part why SHE was the one that was going to “win our hearts”? did she come in with that look? or did they style her that way? WHY?

whenever i watch commercials i’m always amazed how many people were put through the audition process so a company could find the perfect person to walk onscreen and say “WOW”. how many people did they go though for this minor commercial part? why on earth was this person’s audition better than all the other people who wanted the part? why did they think this progressive lady would appeal to me?

yes, this is an epic comment, but i work from home now, and have a lot of time to sit and watch commercials instead of actually doing my work.

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