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Stephanie Courtney Is The Progressive Auto Insurance Woman

who is the progressive insurance actress

After actress Stephanie Courtney appeared in the Progressive Auto Insurance Commercials, the net has been buzzing with searches for Stephanie Courtney actress images. Read about her here, and see photos and video below.

What is it with car insurance commercials? They seem to be some of the most witty and memorable ads of late. One that has stuck out this year is the popular Progressive Auto Insurance commercials featuring actress Stephanie Courtney (see images below).

Her overly perky and sarcastic persona in the commercials always catches your attention, not to mention her retro-style and bright red lipstick. It seems Progressive has found a pretty good competitor to Geico’s legendary Gecko, and eSurance’s cool animated spots. But just who is she, anyway?


is a 39-year-old actress and comedian, whose biggest break so far seems to be her gig as Flo with Progressive Insurance. She has also appeared on a handful of TV shows, including voiceover work on Tom Goes to the Mayor, Mad Men, and Cavemen.

Courtney also does work with The Groundlings improvisational theatre in LA.

For images of actress Stephanie Courtney click here .

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See a video of one of her commercials below.

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