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In car insurance policy, the insurer provides coverage against any financial loss happening because of damage to the car.

The damage done to the car due to accident will be second thing but you would be first need to feel as if someone has shattered your dream just in a second.

Car Insurance –Car Insurance is the fast growing sector in India. car insurance is compulsory for all the new cars holders. Amount of premium depends on the make and value of the car.

A Car Insurance policy is basically of two types-

A Third Party Liability cover

A Comprehensive

Cover policy.

Third Party Liability Policy-: This coverage includes death, injury or property damage to third party.But this cover does not include damage to thecar. A Third Party Liability cover is legally work in India under the Motor Vehicles Act.

Comprehensive Package Policy: This policy cover is designed to offer protection to your car. A typical comprehensive cover comprises of- firstly, damage to your vehicle, i.e. any loss or damage caused to your car.

Apart from these 2 types of policies, A few insurers also added a host of additional rider benefits which allowed the customers to add a few extra protective gears to their Car Insurance Policiesin 2010. Each of these riders has their own USP and helps you get more out of your Car Insurance policy at a little extra cost.

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