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Who Needs Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

who needs supplemental insurance

For individuals who are wondering if they really need a Medicare supplemental insurance with their Medicare plan, the answer is, most probably. Since basic Medicare is very limited on what it actually covers, adding a supplemental plan offers added protection from the more common health needs that arise after a person turns 65.

Basic Medicare Benefits

Medicare is offered to almost everyone over the age of 64, as most individuals paid this throughout their work career. This health insurance covers hospital room costs, meals, nursing care services, hospice and home health care. This is the coverage known as Part A. Individuals who sign up for Medicare receive this coverage and most individuals are not charged for Part A. If the individual did not work

and pay in Medicare deductions, there is a required monthly premium.

Supplemental Medicare Insurance

Since Medicare Part A only covers hospital costs and other major costly medical expenses, most people choose to have a Medicare supplemental insurance plan also. This supplement is called Medicare Part B. With this coverage, common health care expenses can be covered to a major degree, but there is a monthly premium for this supplement. Medicare Part B covers doctor visits, both in the hospital and out. It also covers lab tests and x-rays along with rehabilitation and physical therapy. Ambulance service is covered, as is some home health care. And it covers certain medical supplies and equipment, when it is medically necessary.

Who Needs Medicare Supplemental Insurance

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