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Who Qualifies for Medicaid in Arkansas

who qualifies for medicare medicaid

What is Medicaid Arkansas?

Medicaid Arkansas is a nation-wide health insurance scheme which is designed by the federal government to facilitate better health care for certain groups of people. This has to be implemented by the states which are otherwise at the risk of losing access to federal benefits, funds and grants. Medicaid, unlike Medicare, is targeted at providing health care protection to certain vulnerable groups like pregnant women, people with disabilities and life threatening diseases, children, and individuals from low income families and so on. This works on a priority basis and there are complicated eligibility norms for enrolment in Medicaid which must be strictly adhered to.

What are the eligibility criteria for Medicaid Arkansas?

  • Low income family groups as per the norms laid down by the state AFDC plans
  • Social Security Income recipients
  • Infants born to pregnant women who already receive Medicaid Arkansas Benefits
  • Children under the age of six and pregnant women whose family income is 133% or lower than the federal poverty level.
  • Children between the ages of 9 to 16 whose family income is 100% or lower than the federal poverty level.
  • Recipients of adoption assistance funds or benefits from the state
  • Children under foster care or under the care of the

    Department of Youth Assistance

  • Special protection groups whose norms are changed from time to time by the concerned departments.

These are only some of the rules which must be carefully considered while opting for Medicaid Arkansas. Apart from these, each individual program has its own rules and therefore, these must be researched well before filling in the application form. Consultation with health experts, doctors, health insurance agents can come in handy.

 Rules to be followed for Qualifying for Medicaid in Arkansas:

Despite the broad categorization, there are some basic rules which must be followed by anyone wishing to enroll in Medicaid Arkansas. These are:

  • The individual must be a resident and a citizen of the United States.
  • He or she must be a resident of the state of Arkansas
  • The individual must meet the income and other requirements of the individual or specific programs of Medicaid Arkansas.

Income limitations are particularly important and these vary from program to program. However income limitations are a major part of the qualification criteria of Medicaid Arkansas.

Since some of the eligibility criteria are overlapping, care should be taken to understand them properly. If needed, the official website of Medicaid Arkansas must be checked for more information.

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