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Who writes what insurance

who writes what insurance

1,142 Markets - Who Writes What Coverage Where?

Need to know which Markets specifically write a certain cover for a specific client profile? Stumped for a Market that will write that tough-to-place account? Advisen shows you Who Writes What Where. You can select a type of coverage and LOB and designate a specific insured demographic; Advisen tells you which Markets wrote that cover in the last 18 months. We give you a list of Carriers & Wholesalers and we show you their current ratings. And we also show you side-by-side wordings from 2,250 Policy Forms representing almost 300 Insurance Companies.

Ahead of a renewal or a new client meeting, search across 1,142 Markets on Advisen to determine which Markets actually wrote cover just like yours. Note that this is not a list of who wants to receive your application; this is instead a list of who actually wrote similar cover. Current ratings are provided to make your list of Markets more meaningful.

- Who writes EPLI for large Financial Institutions in New England?

- Where do you place Public Officials D&O Liability?

- Which wholesalers have experience placing Employed Lawyers Professional Liability?

- What are the ratings associated with carriers who write Umbrella on Real Estate firms?

You can now answer these questions with just a few clicks on Advisen's WWWW

For assistance with any aspect of Who Writes What Where or Policy Form Comparison on Advisen, contact your Advisen rep at 212-897-4800 or click below to request more information.

For example, we know that 311 Markets write GL. So, who writes out-of-the-ordinary coverages like Railroad Protective? Pull up a list of 23 different Markets that do. Narrow the list by filtering according to your client's profile.

Where does this Market data come from? Collected from 2,500 insureds and 40 Wholesalers and Brokers, Advisen's electronic program library exceeds 1,200,000 program entries. Since we know every Market associated with each program, we reverse-engineered this benchmarking functionality.

Risk Managers see how many markets might be available for an

upcoming renewal or a new placement. Advisen's WWWW function provides independent verification as part of your Advisen subscription rather than a fee you might pay a consultant.

Brokers use WWWW on Advisen for added color in helping to find the best Market for their client. Locating a Market with a desired rating is also a key reason that brokers use WWWW to supplement their marketing efforts. All of the WWWW output downloads easily to Microsoft Word or Excel so you can make easy presentations to your clients.

To access WWWW, go to the Prospecting & Peers dropdown menu and select Who Writes What Where. Choose the Program (Coverage and Line of Business) you are trying to place as well as the company's industry.


We match up the wordings from over 2,250 policy forms on a side-by-side basis. And we show you how every Market writes the same policy provision. How does an alternative Market write the same provision; check that provision wording across every form in our library?


Today, there are 2,250 forms in our collection.

D&O = 460 forms

Crime = 40 forms

Environmental = 115 forms

EPLI = 265 forms

Fiduciary = 130 forms

E&O = 695 forms

Excess = 110 forms

GL = 150 forms

Med Mal = 125 forms

Property = 75 forms

Umbrella = 80 forms

To access PolComp, click on the Policy & Law Comparison dropdown. Select your coverage type and click on your forms. It's that easy. And we don't get rid of forms or update them; we just keeping adding new versions to the mix. So you can compare two iterations of the same form, too, and that's useful in this soft market.

If you don't have Advisen, you can still buy one search or Policy Comparison at a time at the Advisen Corner. Visit click on Analytics, and tell us what you need. We'll bill your credit card.

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