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Why aarp sells health insurance

why aarp sells health insurance

I am disgusted with the United Health Care program. My husband told me that the program is excellent. Well, I started the process in September and to this date (one month and half later) I still don't have my card. I moved from California to Nevada and it is impossible to understand why I am going through this painful process. Here are some of what I experienced:

1.Telephone: I get messages to call them but the messages don't say WHY. A lot of times customer reps don't know either. So, they read the comments placed on my file and give me their best guess. Some messages don't tell you the number to call.

2. I received a request to complete the transfer form. Faxed it in right away. But continue getting messages to call them back. But the messages don't explain the reason I need to call them back.

I had to call them again to let them know that the form has been faxed. They were not aware of it.

3.I talked to a customer supervisor last week, who says that her hands are tied, it will take about 10 days to issue the card. I informed her that I am a cancer survivor and could they please expedite the process and to send the card federal express. No, she said they can't do that. They act like the typical robot that can't think, or judge each situation and to act accordingly. I

imagine they are not into 'customer satisfaction', and can't deviate from the standard process, whether you need urgent help or not. She offered her direct phone number to call when I get the call this week about being approved. I still don't know what she will do for me, since they can't expedite anything in UnitedHealthcare.

4. Well, I got a call this morning, and again, no reasons given as to why I need to call them back.

The customer support rep obviously did not know either. I wasn't going anything. So, I got my husband to call the supervisor for help. He was cutoff after 3 seconds, leaving an incomplete message. He calls again, cutoff again. This is what I like about UnitedHealthcare services, they offer NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. They must pride themselves for being best in avoiding to face issues or customers,

5. I was told that they already charged me for the month of October. How can they charge me when I have not even received my enrollment card? It is called ROBBERY.

UnitedHealthcare is a business and should act like one. They need to provide for the best service possible a) to retain current customers and b) to attract new customers.

The process is a failure and more importantly, customer service is non existing and a complete failure. I am absolutely disgusted with Unitedhealthcare.

I hope AARP reads this post and know what I think of their endorsement.

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