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Why ccna certification

why ccna certification

Why Get a CCNA Certification?

CCNA is short for Cisco Certified Network Associate and it represents the first stage in the Cisco certification system. The certifications offered by Cisco are for IT professionals, but for their products alone. The certification system falls into three categories: Associate, Professional and Expert.

Worldwide authorized training is provided for the CCNA certification. Candidates can use a self-study guide, and additional tools and resources are also available when preparing for the CCNA certification exam. The number of questions in the test for CCNA certification is somewhere between fifty and sixty and the time allotted is of ninety minutes. The type of questions that you have to answer is multiple choice questions and there may be more than one correct answer, but the good part is that you will be told exactly how many answers you have to choose. The test will also consist of matching questions and questions which test your troubleshooting skills. These types of questions have only been included recently, in order to make the CCNA certification exam more practical. In order to pass the CCNA certification test, the candidates must have at least 849 points out of one thousand. The grade is given to the candidate immediately after the test has been completed.

The CCNA certification is only valid for a period of three years. When the three years have passed, the certification holder has to take the CCNA certification exam once again, or he/she can go for a certification from the other two levels, Professional or Expert.

There are no prerequisites for the CCNA certification exam, but the candidates are assumed to be computer literate, that is, have knowledge of office software such as Microsoft Word and Excel, and also the basic skills for Internet and e-mail usage.

Courses have been developed in order to meet the candidates' needs to prepare for the CCNA certification exam. These courses will teach candidates how to create a point-to-point network, how to meet the

requirements of a typical user by determining the network topology which is most appropriate, how to route protocols in order to connect networks, how to construct network addresses, how to ensure that the data delivery is reliable, how to establish connection with remote networks, and so forth.

CCNA certification holders will be able to install as well as configure and operate LAN and WAN services for small networks. The application for the CCNA certification will be prohibited unless the candidate has read and accepted the Cisco agreement terms.

The candidate to a CCNA certification can also prepare for the exam with the aid of the CCNA boot camp, which is an intensive course that is often supplemented with preparing materials and hands-on labs. All through the CCNA boot camp the students will be granted access to working equipment, Cisco switches and routers. The instructors in a CCNA boot camp are authorized by Cisco and have vast experience with Cisco products. The CCNA boot camp classes last for about ten hours a day, but they may run longer. It is not unusual for a CCNA boot camp class to last longer than expected because it very much depends upon the students' experience.

Based on courses authorized by Cisco, the CCNA boot camp is an intense program which will help students achieved their CCNA certification. The demand for network professionals with high skills is growing. The CCNA certification comes to the aid of such network professionals who want to develop a successful career in Cisco.

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