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Can an Apartment Complex Require Renters Insurance?

why do apartments require renters insurance

by Jenna Marie

Renter's insurance will cover your belongings in the event of damage or theft.

Many landlords require their tenants to carry a renter's insurance policy to ensure their belongings are insured. As you are looking for an apartment, you may be asked to provide proof of renter's insurance before you sign the lease, or the landlord may ask that you provide proof by a certain date after moving in. Understanding more about renter's insurance and whether your landlord can legally require you to carry a policy will help you make an informed decision about renting.

Renter's Insurance Defined

Lease Agreement

Providing Proof

It's best to ask your landlord what you need to show proof of insurance. You have several options to show proof. Your insurance agent can send a copy of the declarations page to your landlord, which outlines the terms of your policy. Your insurance agent can call and speak directly to the landlord to confirm your insurance policy. Another option is to access your policy information online, print off a declarations page and deliver it to your landlord. When your landlord lets you know which option is preferred, you can get that information submitted as soon as possible.

Changing Lease Agreement Terms

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