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Why do I need a certified copy of my birth certificate?

why do i need a birth certificate

By Bonnie Adams

There are a number of situations where you need a certified copy of your birth certificate. Keep it in a fire-proof box where you know where it is. Otherwise, what happened to me might happen to you.

The fact that identification is so important in our world today, puts extra pressure on us to make sure we always have available a certified copy of birth certificate. It can be hard to get things like identification from the local DMV without a certified copy of birth certificate, even when renewing an identification card and it usually does not require a certified copy of birth certificate. I know from personal experience!

It is a funny story now, but quite embarrassing at the time. When first moving to Las Vegas, I went to get a state identification card. I already had an ID card from the state I previously lived in, Washington. So a certified copy of birth certificate was not necessary. I simply waited in line until my number was called (which take hours by the way, and I am

sure you know the feeling) and then went up to the desk, paid my twelve dollars, got my picture taken, received my new identification card, and was on my way.

I lived in Las Vegas for four years, at which time I never needed my certified copy of birth certificate. So in time, I found that I had actually lost this vital piece of paper, although I didn’t know just how vital it would prove to be. Due to work, I ended up moving away from Las Vegas and moving to Oregon. It was time to get an Oregon identification card. I went through the same hurrah as I did in Las Vegas in regard to taking a number and waiting my turn, but this time when I got to the counter, something strange was going on. I gave my Las Vegas ID card to the person who intended to help me obtain an Oregon Driver’s license, and I waited while she kept looking back and forth from the Las Vegas ID card to me.

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