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Why Do You Need Pet Insurance?

why do i need pet insurance

Not a lot of people know that they can get their pet insured. This may not come as a revelation considering the fact that most humans themselves are not insured. Nevertheless, getting your pet insured is an excellent way to avoid needless expenses and worry regarding your pet’s physical condition and life.

However, the question that arises that is it really worth it to go in for pet insurance, or would you rather pay the veterinarian directly?

Grounds to go in for pet insurance

1. Veterinarian Expenses are higher

Figures from the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association indicate exactly how high veterinarian expenses have got over the past few years. Their surveys have shown that the average dog owners spend an immense $800 behind veterinarian and health expenses annually, while the average cat owners spend $500 per year for the cat’s healthcare.

If you have a pet and actually calculate the amount of money which you spend behind your pet’s health, you would be surprised how expensive it is to own one. These figures are stunningly high due to the increase in the fees of veterinarians and procedures. Your pet’s health could therefore be eating and forming a hole right in your pocket if you are not insured.

2. Other Medical Expenses

The costs of the medical expenses of your pets are not just as a result of the veterinarian fees, but also in part due to the more sophisticated technologies now used to diagnose and also to treat the animals. Diagnostic scanning techniques such as MRI and CT scans for example, which were earlier only performed on human beings, are now being used for the

diagnoses of pets as well.

With this use of technology, you are assured of your pet’s safety and proper diagnoses; but it does come with a lofty price tag. Pet insurance policies offered by the various insurance companies often cover these charges as well, so that you can have a more stress free life and not worry about the expensive bills.

3. Cost of Pet Insurance

Insurance companies pay minute details towards the building of the structure of pet insurance policies, similar to human insurance policies. The cost is construed from a variety of factors such as age of the pet, type of animal, health condition etc. Depending on the type of policy and the areas of security desired, a pet insurance plan can be priced accordingly.

Pet insurance policies are not very expensive and are quite reasonably priced. The least expensive policies start from a range of $50 onwards all the way to even thousands of dollars per year. Most insurance companies give pet owners more tailored policies as well. If you were pet owner, you would rather pay this small amount as compared to the medical expenses, which are incurred without the insurance coverage. At the same time, you would have to worry lesser about the well-being of your pet, and allow the pet to enjoy its life with exceptional care.

Pet insurance policies therefore do not just cover the pet’s health, but also the pets over all well-being. After all, there is no place like home for a pet. Another additional benefit from getting pet insurance is that you can pamper your pet with the best treatment available without worrying about the costs incurred.

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