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Why Do I Need Cheap SR22 Insurance in Illinois

why do i need sr22 insurance

Anyone who is involved in a DUI or has an accident while uninsured in the state of Illinois. will be required to buy and maintain an SR 22 insurance policy. By law, you will need to maintain your SR22 insurance for three years. You may also be required to carry SR 22 insurance in Illinois if you have safety a responsibility suspension, unsatisfied judgement suspensions or have three or more convictions for mandatory insurance violations. Most companies offer cheap SR22 insurance with minimum coverages for people who are having financial difficulties.

You must buy your SR22 insurance from an insurance company that is authorized to sell SR22s. Once you buy your insurance, the insurance company will give you a paper copy that you need to carry in your vehicle at all times. They will also send a copy of SR22 certificate to the Secretary of State. Some companies will mail the certificates and some will file them electronically. If your company mails in the certificates, you need to allow about 30 days for your license to be reinstated. The 30 days is the same weather you live in northern Illinois (i.e. Bellwood ) or southern Illinois (i.e. Champaign-Urbana ) Electronic filings will be processed a lot faster. Regardless of how your SR22 in filed, you need to wait until you receive a written notice from the Secretary of State before you are legally allowed to drive.

If you do not own a car and still need to file an SR22 certificate, you will need to buy a non owners insurance policy. A nonowners insurance policy will insure you while you drive a car not registered to you or to anyone in your home. The insurance

company will file the SR22 certificate just like they would a regular insurance.

If you allow your SR 22 to lapse at any point, your insurance company is legally obligated to notify the DMV about your lapse. Your license will be suspended until your reinstate your insurance, you may also need to pay a reinstatement fee.

Another thing to keep in mind about your SR22 insurance is that you need to renew your insurance at least 45 days before your insurance expires. This is one reason most insurance companies will only issue one year policies for people who need an SR 22. If you do not renew within 15 days of your expiration date, your insurance company will issue a notice to the Secretary of State and your license will be suspended. The reason for the 45 day advance renewal is that the state can take up to 30 days to register your SR22. If you policy expires before your SR22 is registered, your license will be suspended and you may have to pay a fine to have your license reinstated.

One last thing you have to remember is that if your license is suspended by the Secretary of State, you need to wait until you receive written notice that your license has been reinstated. Just because you reinstate your SR22, it doesn’t mean your license is automatically reinstated. If you are caught driving while your license is suspended, your car will be impounded and you will be arrested. You will have to pay a fine and pay to have your car returned to you.

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