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Why do i need wedding insurance

Why you need wedding insurance

Wedding insurance

After you got engaged did you immediately insure your engagement ring? Of course you did, it's probably the most expensive piece of jewellery you'll ever own. So why wouldn't you insure your wedding day, a day that costs on average £20,000?

More than a quarter of a million couples will spend a staggering £4.19 billion on their weddings this year, and no matter how organised you are, things can and do go wrong. Which is why it's essential that you invest in some wedding insurance to cover every eventuality. Still not convinced? You will be.

What could possibly go wrong?

Where do we begin? What if your wedding dress gets damaged, a supplier goes out of business or your wedding photos don't come out? Investing in wedding insurance will cover you from any wedding day disasters you may, or may not encounter. If anything goes wrong you'll be secure in the knowledge that you're covered, if nothing goes wrong, even better, but that small amount will have brought you peace of mind on your big day. And that's priceless.

If it's a small wedding is insurance still necessary?

Yes. A small wedding can

still cost a matter of thousands. Many insurance plans offer several tiers of cover reflecting the different costs of weddings. So whether yours is simple and cost effective or extravagant and expensive, there'll be cover for you.

What about getting married abroad?

Even if you're planning an intimate beach wedding in the Bahamas it's worth getting cover. Most wedding insurance companies also offer essential document indemnity cover for overseas weddings that can be couriered anywhere in the world should the originals be lost or stolen.

How much will it cost?

Wedding insurance starts from around £54, but this depends on where you get it from, and the plan you choose. As with any insurance policies, the more you spend, the more you'll be covered.

When should I get it?

As soon as you start planning your wedding. Investing today will cover anything going wrong between now and your wedding day.

Top Ten Claims.

  • Wedding attire damage
  • The re-taking of the wedding photos
  • Cancellation due to illness or bereavement of the immediate family
  • The caterers fail to turn up at the reception

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