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Why Do People Buy Life Insurance?

why do people buy insurance

Why do people buy life insurance? More specifically, why do you buy life insurance?

Without life insurance, a financial plan is just an investment plan that will die when you do. People dream dreams. Without enough life insurance, your dreams will probably die when you do?

Most people have either an estate tax problem or an estate size problem. What does that mean? When you die, your estate will be subject to income taxes and estate taxes. Life insurance can provide the money to pay the taxes rather than liquidating other more valuable growth and income-producing assets. On the other hand, most people have an estate size problem. Life insurance helps creates wealth that they have not had enough time to accumulate themselves.

I’ve heard it said many times that if people truly understood life insurance, they would be lining up to buy it. Life insurance is a commonsense cash cushion to fall back on during your lifetime or for your family when you die. Think of it in this context. How would you feel about a bank savings account that pays higher interest than the bank over the long haul, and where the interest is either tax-free or tax-deferred, depending upon the degree of

tax planning done? In addition to that, there is a tax-free death benefit. Over the long haul, it will quite probably substantially outperform the bank.

Buying life insurance is a reflection of common sense, caring, commitment, and character. It is about doing the right thing for yourself and your family. General Norman Schwarzkopf said, “The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do.  The hard part is doing it.” This statement certainly applies to life insurance.

Life insurance only makes sense if you are going to die. Coming to grips with that fact is not so easy for everyone. No one has a lease on life. If you don’t die before age 65, you will die after age 65. It is bad enough to die. Don’t do it for free.

Most of us understand that we have a responsibility to our families. It is easy to say you love someone. Buying life insurance means putting your money where your mouth is. As General Schwarzkopf said, we know the right thing to do. As he also said, we need help doing it. That is why most people need a life insurance agent to help them do the right thing.

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