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Why is car insurance mandatory

why is car insurance mandatory


Your car insurance will cover injuries that accored in your automobile accident. It will cover the other people as well if you were at fault. Most states have a 25K-50K minimum for traffic injuries.

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In relation to the mandatory car insurance and the coverage for your medical bills that are related to the accident, it will depend on which state you live in. Although most states have mandatory auto insurance, they do not necessarily require you to obtain coverage for yourself or occupants of the car that you own.

In some states, mandatory auto insurance exists to make sure that if someone else is injured when they get into an accident with you, they will not be left without any recourse. By requiring all cars to have some minimum level of coverage, an individual who is injured will at least be able to get some level of redress for their injuries.

In some other states, the mandatory auto insurance also requires that you have personal injury protection (also

known as no-fault insurance). The reason for this protection is to make sure that people who are injured can get necessary treatment to allow them to achieve the mythical maximum medical improvement after an accident.

As to why there is mandatory "health" insurance for work related accidents or (in no-fault states) auto accidents - these exist as a cost of doing business in the state. If you want to run a business, you need to have workers comp to make sure that your employees are able to be treated if they are hurt. Similally, if you want to own a car in a no-fault state, you need to make sure that if someone who is occupying the car is injured, there will be a policy available to pay for their care.

If you live in a state without no-fault auto, you will need to get your private health insurance carrier to pay your bill. As to why there is no mandatory health insurance, talk to your congressman.

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