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How good is aaa auto insurance

how good is aaa auto insurance

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My wife was stopped at a stop light. An AAA member crashed into my wife's vehicle. AAA member claimed another vehicle made her crash into my wife's vehicle. I filed a claim with AAA because I only had liability. After 7 days we received a letter denying the claim. After 10 days of calling and leaving messages with Mary ** (claims service rep) she finally calls my wife at work. Leaves a message saying a vehicle hit and run their member so claim denied. What the? A mysterious ghost vehicle appears, causes an accident then disappears. Wow! Ghost riders on California roads.

On 08/09/2015, had a flat on my vehicle at Palestine, TX. At 2:44 PM I called AAA emergency roadside service. I gave my location and problem. AAA Rep. stated that she had me on the GPS. Told me that service would be there about 4:30 PM, also told me that they would be checking the status of the service provider. At 4:30 PM I called AAA again being that

nobody had called me about the service provider. I had to explain everything all over again and was told that the information entered had been wrong and the service provider sent to another town (Rusk, TX). I was then told that the service provider would be there between 5:30 and 6 PM. Again told they would keep in touch with me regarding the service provider.

As I was struggling to break it loose a service truck arrived and the driver approached me laughing and stating "I guess you have been waiting for me." This service provider did not have the right tools and not even a tire gauge. I had to help him even though I am 100% disabled veteran. Where does AAA get this service providers? I wish and hope that AAA would be held responsible for their actions. I called and cancelled my membership the following day. I will never recommend them even to my worst enemy. AND THEY DARE CALL THEMSELVES EMERGENCY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE. The only assistance is the AAA money they collect.

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